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Uvdalsleiven was started by my mother and aunt at the end of the 80's. 

In 2003 I took and my sister took over the business. In 2009 I was alone with the business, and had as a goal to combine baking and farming. 

February 2012 we started on the project reconstruction of the barn at our farm. August 2012 was the premises ready to start producing. We have unctional premises, which we love! 

When I moved into the new premises i changed the business a little. I quit the pastries, and concentrating on the production of Lefse, flatbread and sour cream bread. 

When I also run the farm next door, it's open when I come and close when I go.

I distribute more to the stores in the area, so the goods are available if you do not get up to us.

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